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The Flaming Cats Of Sohan by Mark William Hammond & Hilary Gardner Wright

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SUMMARY: All Life on Earth is going to be destroyed when it becomes an Adventure Park for Aliens. It’s up to spiritual entrepreneur, Swami Rohnko, and his junior achievers to Save Absolutely Everything!

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A highly enjoyable and humorous science fiction adventure that simultaneously manages to spoof the genre and replicate the very elements that have made it so popular The Flaming Cats Of Sohan proves a genuine gem of a read.

With shapeshifting aliens, hilariously snarky characters and oodles of high octane action Hammond and Wright are careful to keep the focus on their two central characters, Billy and Ruak, but certainly prove themselves capable of  painting the bigger canvas as their plot plays out with its tongue in cheek tropes and heroic adventure. Refusing to adopt the kind of prescriptive narrative typically found in the genre Billy and Ruak are well drawn with superb banter developing between the two as they form an uneasy alliance to defeat the Bloorthas.

Supported by a strong ensemble of characters like Sarah Jean and Swami Ronhko, who are equally well-drawn, they find themselves pitted against space creatures who can turn into penguins and other assorted terrors as they battle to save the earth. If The Flaming Cats Of Sohan was a film it would likely be described as having a vivid colour palette because the scenes are so well described they all but pop of the page. Needless to say, you‘ll never see Venice in the same light again!

A clever, cheeky, highly entertaining and action-packed sci-fi spoof The Flaming Cats Of Sohan is highly recommended.

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