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A BookViral Review Of Twilight of the Empire Ertera Book 2 By Michelle Meraki

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SUMMARY: Dangling from a drake’s talons, Megara is convinced that her only chance of survival is to escape her captor. However, her abduction soon appears to be a blessing in disguise as she learns more of her late mother’s secrets.

The BookViral Review:  Readers who have yet to come into contact with Michelle Meraki’s novels are certainly in for a treat and have a great deal of catching up to do with the release of Twilight Of The Empire – Ertera Her second foray into the realms of Fantasy fiction she continues to stamp her trademark prose on the genre whilst reminding us how enjoyable Fantasy fiction can be when penned by a gifted author. With great characters and Meraki’s wonderful way of describing settings she fully immerses her readers in her imagined world with a narrative that achieves a fine balance between dialogue and action whilst maintaining the same level of momentum, suspense and intrigue she delivered in Rising Shadows. Lira and Megara return with their fates further entwined in the fabric of the empire along with several intriguing new characters who are given just the right amount of back history, not too little and not too much, with distinctly darker overtures as events evolve and merge together to create a story that is rich and highly satisfying. One of honour and glory, duty and loyalty, courage and resolve, all coated in a wonderful blend of magic that plays to the best-loved elements of this ever popular genre .

A compelling Fantasy novel that’s perfect for fireside reading Twilight Of The Empire is sure to meet the expectations of Meraki’s readers whilst enticing many new followers to her books. It is highly recommended.

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