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A BookViral Review Of Unbalanced By Courtney Shepard

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SUMMARY: Every generation four sisters with power over earth, air, fire, and water are born to fight against a fanatical, secret faith. The Order exists only to sacrifice the sisters for their power.

The BookViral Review: Genre – Paranormal Romance

The debut novel in Courtney’s Unbalanced series she creates a rich and vivid sense of time and place from the very first page. Taking us from medieval Spain to the present day and the pyramids of Giza we quickly feel transported to her settings and invested in her characters. With momentum quick to build the story overall is well executed with all the drama and requisite surprises readers have come to expect from the Paranormal Romance Fantasy genre.

Fans of the genre and character-based stories will find much to enjoy in Unbalanced with Shepard proving herself quite adept when it comes to character development. Asha, Ivy, Mere and Avia are well crafted and are easy to fall in love with. They feel authentic as they find themselves facing achingly real struggles against The Order, but it’s the relationship between Asha and Clay that takes the limelight.

At a little under 250 pages, it’s not a long read but the storyline and plot are original, well thought out and tightly executed without ever feeling convoluted. Sparing little in terms of emotional trauma Shepard certainly knows how to get the sparks flying and with a cliff hanger ending, we are left with the promise of more to come in what could shape up to be an epic series.

A must-read for fans of the Paranormal Romance genre and elemental magic, Unbalanced is strongly recommended.

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