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A BookViral Review Of Vanished By Cynthia Fridsma

Vanished - A techno-Thriller
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Format: Kindle Edition

Print Length: 193 pages

Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1086785096

Language: English


Genre: Techno Thriller 

The BookViral Review: 

An intriguing Techno-Thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat, Vanished is one of those novels that will hook you from the start with Fridsma quick to sow the seeds of suspense and tension.

Too many novels pay superficial deference to originality and it is always refreshing to find an author who demonstrates diversity in thought and execution, whilst avoiding the pitfalls of overt imitation. On this level Fridsma certainly sets herself apart.  It’s not overly complex, but with clear evidence of an acerbic mind at work and a host of well-observed characters, the devil is certainly in the detail. Keeping her readers off-guard with multiple plot threads that neatly sidestep the curse of predictability,

Given that Vanished takes us into the realm of computer programming and virtual reality Fridsma could have loaded her narrative chockablock with technobabble and jargon that might have alienated the average readers. But she’s steered away from that as we slip between virtual space and the real world with momentum quick to build and readers guaranteed a cracking ending!

An enjoyable read and a great introduction to Fridsma’s many novels Vanished is strongly recommended.

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