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  • ASIN: ‎ B0B1GJ8KNG
  • Publisher: ‎ pennyburn highmoor publishing; 1st edition (15 May 2022)
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 92 pages
  • Genre:  Veterinary Animal Care & Pets

The BookViral Review:

With its fascinating look at veterinary surgery, ‘The Bone Vet’ offers an accessible guide for both professionals and laymen seeking an understanding of the challenges and realities of animal skeletal and connective tissue issues and corrections.

Widely experienced McCartney brings a well-researched overview of both procedures and materials used in animal bone surgery, and of the plethora of engineering issues faced by surgeons when making decisions about animal care and treatment.

McCartney postulates that the principles of engineering – jumping from problem to final solution and then backwards through deconstruction whilst analysing each element – is the way to find optimal results in veterinary bone procedures.

Throughout the book, the sheer complications and complexity of choosing appropriate materials, taking into consideration load bearing and stress interaction, and the ‘non-compliance’ of our furry friends, brings into sharp relief the staggeringly difficult job animal surgery presents.

‘The Bone Vet’ does not shy away from scientific writing and explanation, therefore providing rigorous underpinning of the ideas and processes presented, but McCartney nevertheless manages to communicate complicated material in a straightforward and accessible form.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this immersive book is McCartney’s chapter on implant design and composition process, which recommends a collaborative multi-disciplinary and reflective approach to the design and implementation of effective materials. Choice of implant is a difficult decision for a Vet, as production is profit-driven not regulated stringently, leaving a weighty decision placed firmly on their shoulders, thus requiring much deliberation and research by the individual practitioner. 

Interspersed with many endearing and emotional anecdotes, like the tale of Bouncer the Labrador, ‘The Bone Vet’ reveals the enduring relationship between humans and animals with each owner and pet described with fondness and empathy.

Furthermore, it explicitly begs the question of wider responsibility towards the animals we care for in a world where regulation of implant products is so different between human and animal souls.

Highly recommended for new and old enthusiasts alike, ‘The Bone Vet’ shares McCartney’s wealth of experience in a thoroughly comprehensible concise and enjoyable read.

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