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A Review Of Imagination Of Star The Cats By David Bending

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Language: English

Print length: 297 pages

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

The BookViral Review:

Enthralling in thought and execution Bending delivers a unique and highly intriguing foray into the realms of YA Fantasy. A genre sadly populated by far too many shallow unexciting characters and narratives that seem to plod through recycled storylines but one in which he’s proved himself to be wholly original.

Take it as a given that Bending is an accomplished writer, but more than that he breathes the fire of life into his story arcs. Great fantasy doesn’t have to be clever, but it does need to stoke the embers of imagination and it’s this that Bending does particularly well. With an inventive plot and strong pacing, he creates a powerful and emotional centre that draws us to his characters.

They’re an eclectic mix but first and foremost there’s Tristan, Leo and Belle who with the help of Kes find themselves transported to the far-flung Cat Galaxy where anything becomes possible with a little imagination!

“Real?” Dweeb spat on the ground. “Real? Reality is poison. Just the thought of it gives me stomach the fidgety fidgets.” And so the scene is set for a fantastical adventure that combines mesmerising magic and science fiction in equal measure and ensures tension and suspense is maintained throughout.

Bending’s world-building is clearly the manifestation of a highly visual imagination, but perhaps more importantly for a YA Fantasy novel it embodies the spirit of friendship, and heroism that’s reminiscent of the much-loved classics.

By any stretch of the imagination, IMAGINATION OF THE STAR CATS proves a superb debut and certainly deserves a prime place on your bookshelf. Boding well for future releases from Bending it is a highly recommended 5 star read.

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