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  • ASIN: ‎ B0BV56CSRJ
  • Publisher: ‎ Write My Wrongs LLC (6 Feb. 2023)
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 327 pages
  • Genre: YA Paranormal Romantic Fiction


The BookViral Review:

A thoroughly enjoyable read, ‘A Life Cut Short’ delivers in every way a Paranormal Romance novel should whilst being an example of what has become rare in the genre — a read that takes genre tropes and uses them to give readers something new and original.

It’s one of those novels where you turn the last page only to find yourself re-running the plot in your head. Bateman’s narrative is full of richly realized characters and witty oddball details but she takes a wide berth around the kind of exaggerated button-pushing typically found in the genre and the emotional buttons she does push she does with a light touch.

Twists and turns in a well-constructed plot add depth to Bateman’s writing, with well-nuanced dialogue bringing her characters to life and complimenting their construction. Her easy-to-read style is undemanding, allowing the reader to fully appreciate the story as it heads straight to the warm heart of the book – that fond spot located just on the safe side of sentimentality, a feel-good place that doesn’t leave the reader feeling short-changed.

It is always sad when someone dies young, it’s even sadder when a young life is taken by murder and this is the premise behind A Life Cut Short with Cassia returning in spectral form to share the body of an extremely accident-prone Camry. Cassia wants to stop another murder and has a bucket list she wants to experience before she passes over but neither Cassia nor Camry has given any thought to falling in love and the fallout leads them to a real dilemma! A dilemma that gives Bateman’s readers a classic slice of intrigue, suspense and a timely injection of humour too.

One of the best things about A Life Cut Short is that Bateman knew how to end it in a thoroughly satisfying fashion, which is always the challenge-and often the stumbling block- of paranormal romance. In the hands of a less capable author, it might have turned into a heaping serving of paranormal gobbledygook but Bateman pitches it perfectly and for readers in the right frame of mind, it is going to lead to more than a few tears!

The perfect read for a lazy afternoon with the kind of edge-of-your-seat intrigue that keeps one glued to the words and the pages turning A Life Cut Short proves a first-class read and is unreservedly recommended.

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