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Zimbabwean Adventure Tales

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  • ASIN: ‎ B00VAGJL1W
  • Publisher: ‎ Robin Anderson (March 26, 2015)
  • Publication date: ‎ March 26, 2015
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 284 pages
  • Genre: Zimbabwean Adventure Tales

The BookViral Review:

Enid Blyton meets Gerald Durrell in a joyous celebration of Zimbabwe in ‘Four Zimbabwean Adventure Tales’, penned by Robin Anderson. With his usual flawless writing and narrative flair, Anderson takes his young reader on four wonderfully immersive escapades, complete with talking animals, each with their own perfectly crafted disposition and temperament.

Within the pages of these four novellas, the teaching possibilities are endless- the beautiful Zimbabwean landscape and topography are exquisitely described, as is the unique national fauna. Anderson describes tribes and customs, and astonishing historical stories of treasure and treason; the Queen of Sheba (who can, you should know, talk to animals herself!) taking centre stage in two of these delightful tales.

Animal territories and their strange habits and personalities are discovered as Anderson portrays each according to their natural characteristics- cue the larger-than-life celebrity flamingo Scarlett, her slightly camp brother, Scott, and Fi the exuberantly manic Flamenco dancing Firefly! In fact, every character and animal is created down to the very last detail and all become familiar and cherished – even the dastardly and disgusting Hideous and Heidi the Hyenas and their side-kicks, the Gangrenes. 

The penultimate story, ‘Warris the Albino Wins the Day’, imparts the valuable lesson of treating others with decency, whilst the final adventure promotes the care of wildlife and their habitats. Through these pages, young readers come to appreciate that animals are not a commodity, to be enjoyed or used at will, but living and breathing creatures in their own right, with feelings and personalities.

Above all, this book is super fun. The delightfully nefarious and the guiltless innocent mix together in a brilliant mixing pot of enjoyment, as one plot is overcome by another, with the blameless always coming out on top.

With its unapologetic play-on-words and a touch of Disney humour, ‘Four Zimbabwean Adventure Tales’ will be thoroughly enjoyed by parents and guardians, teachers and the occasional Granny too!

Anderson is quite simply a natural writer, sweeping his reader along in a wonderfully engaging world where true life meets make-believe, all neatly packaged under the gold, pink, purple and red of the Zimbabwean sky. 

This lovely tetralogy cannot be recommended enough and is unreservedly recommended!

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