How the Pandemic Has Influenced Reading & Literary Trends

How the Pandemic Has Influenced Reading & Literary Trends1

The Covid-19 pandemic has influenced our consumption of media in a variety of ways. From every new Netflix original being crowned its ‘best ever’, to cinema releases being consistently pushed back, stay at home orders have resulted in us engaging with media differently.

How Bestselling Authors Master Suspense when writing fiction.

The fact is that few authors really master the art of suspense and those who do are the ones who come to understand its underpinning psychology.

Best Time Travel Novels and Hard Science Fiction

The best time travel books in fiction have certainly gone through something of a transition.

Love Reading For Children And The Power Of Imagination

Love Reading For Children And The Power Of Imagination

Albert Einstein said that. No doubt imagination, then, is a great thing to have if it yields such rich thinking in adulthood-But when does imagination start in the brain? And how important is reading for developing imagination young minds?

Where Do Authors Get Their Ideas?

Ever had writers block? Hardly surprising! Here are our three tips to send your imagination skyward….

The value of fables in children`s literature

Fables can widen our appreciation of other cultures, help us understand traditions, and teach us new ways of appreciating the world and the diversity of life, reducing discrimination, and promoting acceptance.

How Science Fiction Authors Are Shaping Our Future

Science Fiction Authors & The Future Shape Of The World

As fantastical as science fiction seems, there is often something familiar about the incredible concepts dreamt up by its writers. In fact, not only familiar at times but eerily accurate about future advances. Is this some kind of scientific prophesy? Is there something sinister going on?

Increasing Book Sales Using Social Media

Social Media is rapidly becoming the mainstream marketing medium for all industry sectors and for authors it has become essential for building reader awareness.

Writing About Religion – The Good & The Bad

Best Books About Religion

It is estimated that there are approximately 4,300 religions in the world. Even then, the concept of religion itself is hard to understand – in some people’s eyes synonymous with spirituality, and in others largely a vehicle for control.

Why strong women are vital in literature

strong women in literature

History and present day testifies to the struggles women face and have faced to earn what should be the natural right of all humankind – fairness.