Addicted To Horror Novels & Why we love to be frightened.

Author Publishing Tips Addicted To Horror Novels & Why We Love To Be Frightened! Dusk creeps upon you as you make your way home, bringing with it the stillness and dark of night. As one sense shutters another opens, magnifying each whisper of wind-every shuffle on the pavement behind you. A prickling sensation spreads its […]

Why Short Stories Are Good For Busy Readers

With the continued growing popularity of the short story, many good collections are released each year and yet sadly the majority go unnoticed by mainstream readers.

Books About Near Death Experiences – Changing Our Perceptions Of Life After Death.

Perceptions Of Death

Near Death Experience’s or NDEs as they are more commonly called are not a new phenomenon; they’ve been reported throughout history and yet few subjects create so much division.

The Most Important Top Tip For All Apocalyptic Fiction Authors

At their best, they stun you with their visions of ultimate endings both small and catastrophic with hauntingly bleak futures.

The Allure Of Erotic Fiction and Why We Can’t Get Enough.

An enduring memory of my teenage self sneaking into my mother’s bedroom in search of Mills and Boon still brings a slight blush to my cheeks.

The Best Fictional Heroes – Is Your Hero The Next Bestseller?

Heroes come and go. That’s certainly true of the fictional variety where very few linger in the mind beyond the last page of a novel. So what makes the perfect fictional hero?

Work-Life Balance For Authors In A Digital Age

Work Life Balance For Authors

Go back not so many years and an author was just that-an author…. who wrote, and at the most maybe edited their own work. How different things are today!

The Importance Of Historical Fiction

The Importance Of Historical Fiction

Whilst there is undoubted value in considering historical context, not least because past forces, individuals and trends both shape the present and provide valuable lessons for our future decisions, is historical fiction of any value?

Become A Bestseller By Writing What You Know About!

Should writers write what they know about or has this age-old sage piece of advice become something of a cliché.

Armageddon and Fantasy Fiction

Armageddon and Fantasy Fiction

From films to books to politics, Armageddon is a term which represents a culmination of cataclysmic events- devastating to humans, and destined to change the worlds of both heaven and earth forever.