When Does A Fantasy Trope Become A Hated Cliche?

Readers love tropes and publishers know they sell books but there is always room for something new.

Author Web Sites For Selling More Books

How Authors Sell Books

There’s an old saying that readers come for a story but stay for the author! And that means build great websites that make potential readers want to stay!

Overcoming Writers Block – The Top Three Tips From Authors!

writers block and how to overcome it

Our top three tips for overcoming writers block. You can be sure they will work for you!

Are we denying young people the joy of their own imagination?

Young people and imagination

Are we desensitising our young people with the graphic offerings of modern media? And going even further, do the conclusions of ‘Bandura and the Bobo doll’ still hold true in the modern era?

Is There A Future In Self Publishing

Is There A Future In Self Publishing

The last year has demonstrated that people will not stop buying books. They offer pleasure, escape, entertainment, and at the very least distraction. But what is the future of self-publishing?

Self Healing Books – Is there a better way to live?

Self Healing Books

Is there a better way to live and can self healing books set us on the right path?

What Makes A Great Thriller & What Do Readers Want From Reading Them?

Possibly the trickiest of all writing genres, the thriller comes with high expectations, which are hard to fulfil. So what do we expect from a thriller, and why do we enjoy reading them so much?

Political Thrillers & The Secret To Writing Them!

Great Political Thrillers

Pitching the rhetoric at just the right point between the believable and the unbelievable compels the reader to continue, and forces them to ponder on possible political realities of the future.

Classic Whodunits And The Formula New Crime Fiction Authors Can Still Use To Write Bestsellers.

How To Write Classic Whodunit Novels

Few Crime Fiction authors genuinely excel at successfully misleading their readers and revealing an unlikely suspect as the real villain of the story and those that do can invariably be found at the very top of Whodunit Bestseller lists.

Why Is Crime Fiction So Popular?

The Best Crime Fiction

The popularity of Crime Fiction might wax and wane but at the end of the day, it still remains one of the most popular genres.