How Authors Reach More Readers Through Google Images Optimization

It takes patience to rank in images searches or for your images to find their way to the top of a Google page and to optimize images for search engines takes an investment of time but the potential payback is huge.

What authors can do to supercharge their creativity and imagination

How imagination develops and what authors can do to supercharge their creativity and imagination

Writing a good book takes individuality, creativity, and boundless imagination. Is this something we are born with, or can we develop and nurture a powerful imagination?

Social Commentary In Literature

Social commentary in literature

Never before has the voice of social commentary in literature sung higher. Freedom of speech has brought with it a cacophony of loudly spoken, written and sometimes harshly promoted opinion and judgement.

Best Time Travel Novels and Hard Science Fiction

The best time travel books in fiction have certainly gone through something of a transition.

Where are the readers of tomorrow?

Finding New Readers For Books

Will reading be ‘a thing’ in the distant future? And what does it mean for writers of fiction? More importantly, what are we collectively doing to keep reading alive?

Become A Bestseller By Writing What You Know About!

Should writers write what they know about or has this age-old sage piece of advice become something of a cliché.

Love Reading For Children And The Power Of Imagination

Love Reading For Children And The Power Of Imagination

Albert Einstein said that. No doubt imagination, then, is a great thing to have if it yields such rich thinking in adulthood-But when does imagination start in the brain? And how important is reading for developing imagination young minds?

Writing About Religion – The Good & The Bad

Best Books About Religion

It is estimated that there are approximately 4,300 religions in the world. Even then, the concept of religion itself is hard to understand – in some people’s eyes synonymous with spirituality, and in others largely a vehicle for control.

The Best Fictional Heroes – Is Your Hero The Next Bestseller?

Heroes come and go. That’s certainly true of the fictional variety where very few linger in the mind beyond the last page of a novel. So what makes the perfect fictional hero?

The Willpower formula That Could Be The Secret to Publishing Sucess

Willpower Formula

To be a successful author takes willpower! It doesn’t matter how good your prose is. If you don’t have the willpower to see it through.