Fantasy Stories – The Ultimate Escapism

The Best Fantasy stories - The Ultimate Escapism

George Macdonald, when asked the reason for his chosen genre, replied,
“I write, not for the children, but for the child-like, whether they be five, or fifty, or seventy five”

Why Are We Fascinated By The Supernatural?

Why Are We Fascinated By The Supernatural

Whether it be a spine-tingling ghost story, the sighting of a UFO, stories of Gods and Deities, or the fascination of the occult, most of us are curious in one way or another about the supernatural.

The two things every children’s author must do if they want to write a best seller!

A child’s imagination is a wonderful thing. The suspension of disbelief comes easy to them. As we get older we think in terms of our willingness to suspend our critical faculties and believe something surreal whilst sacrificing realism and logic for the sake of enjoyment.

Love and Jealousy. The Power of Fiction In Identifying Destructive Relationships.

It’s been glamorized in fiction and films. Think Fatal Attraction or Single White Female but jealousy isn’t a sign of love. It’s a negative and destructive emotion stemming from both desire and insecurity.

Mastering SEO For Authors And on-page optimization

In our last Mastering SEO For Authors post, we focused on writing great content. We keep these posts short and succinct but by following the points in these posts any author can improve the ranking of their websites.

When Does A Fantasy Trope Become A Hated Cliche?

Readers love tropes and publishers know they sell books but there is always room for something new.

Author Web Sites For Selling More Books

How Authors Sell Books

There’s an old saying that readers come for a story but stay for the author! And that means build great websites that make potential readers want to stay!

Overcoming Writers Block – The Top Three Tips From Authors!

writers block and how to overcome it

Our top three tips for overcoming writers block. You can be sure they will work for you!

Are we denying young people the joy of their own imagination?

Young people and imagination

Are we desensitising our young people with the graphic offerings of modern media? And going even further, do the conclusions of ‘Bandura and the Bobo doll’ still hold true in the modern era?

Is There A Future In Self Publishing

Is There A Future In Self Publishing

The last year has demonstrated that people will not stop buying books. They offer pleasure, escape, entertainment, and at the very least distraction. But what is the future of self-publishing?