Supernatural Horror – The Smalls by David Edward

Psychological Horror and Supernatural Horror Novels

An exciting and fun read from the very first page, The Smalls is a step change from David Edward’s Dirk Lasher series but one he’s pulled off rather well.

100 Ways in 100 Days to Teach your Baby MATHS

100 Ways in 100 Days to Teach your Baby MATHS

A ‘go to’ bible throughout a child’s development. Emma L Smith gently reminds us how to mindfully support a child’s numeracy, starting from the very beginning of a child’s life, and throughout their formative years.

Science Fiction Detective Novel

science fiction detective novel

A gratifyingly graphic page-turner with depth, intrigue and edgy noir backdrops, Cory Wilson leads his readers on an unforgettable journey into the heart of darkness with Missing on Orbital 4 and it certainly isn’t slow off the mark!

A Season Of Disruption

Walker’s intention is to show how close we all are, at any moment in time, to unexpected, monumental and life-altering change and she is determined but understated in her narration.

Gaslamp Fantasy Novels – Escape

Gaslamp Fantasy Novels

Sometimes, something a little different appears on our radar and that’s certainly true of Rosalind Tate’s Shorten Chronicles series in which fate appears to turn on a whim and the search for the way home becomes something of a conundrum.

Redemption: A Novel of the Creation of Sumer

The Alterran planet is near its end. Its underground inhabitants are near a breaking point. Should they overrun Earth? Should they resort to a digital existence? The battle for Earth is looming!

Child Sexual Abuse Biographies

Sexual Abuse Biographies

Insightful and beautifully written, The Part That Burns by Jeannine Ouellette conveys an extraordinary level of intimacy, with her unique personality and indomitable spirit shining through from the very first page.

Black and Native American Indians Historical Fiction

Black and Native American Historical Fiction

Meticulously researched and rousingly told, Standing Against The Wind is first and foremost entertaining with confident pacing and compelling characters, but it also proves an intriguing and enlightening foray into a tumultuous and pivotal period in Black and Native American Indian history.

Powerless – The Soothsayer Triology

A superb conclusion to Smitley’s epic Soothsayer series Powerless proves nothing less than a masterclass in fantasy fiction, with its scope, depth of characterization and fascinating settings earning it parity with the best in its genre.

Journeys with A Tin Can Pilgrim

Airstream Travellers On The Road

Compellingly humble and refreshingly far from the pseudo catharsis offered by the majority of memoirs Rozell gives us a spiritual odyssey and a powerful reflection on the important things in life.