Teen & Young Adult Fiction on Suicide Social & Family Issues

Teen & Young Adult Fiction on Suicide Social & Family Issues

A heart wrenching read, Marly In Pieces proves a welcome change from the deluge of romantic dribble that seems to dominate YA Fiction as Constantine explores the difficult subjects of Suicide, Social & Family Issues.

Women’s Sagas

Women's Sagas

An intensely fascinating read where we quickly come to understand who the characters are and what their lives are like Rude Awakening proves a fine start to James’ Barwell Trilogy series.

Family Saga Fiction Reviews

Family Saga Fiction Reviews

Taking its readers deep into the souls of its characters in an immersive and exciting read, D.M Williams’s latest novel ‘Definition of Flawless’, steps outside the boundaries of normality as it takes us on a journey of whirlwind romance, thrilling mystery and endless twists and turns, whilst filling the spaces between with the day to day business of living.

Coming of Age Fiction Reviews

Coming Of Age Reviews

Best Coming of Age Fiction Reviews From BookViral “A compassionate look at the real heart of youth…” Buy On Amazon UK Buy On Amazon US Recommend  for the coveted BookViral Crimson Quill. To make your recommendation simply click on the award badge below……  Publisher: ‎ Independently published (December 10, 2019) Language: ‎ English Paperback: ‎ 216 pages ISBN-10: […]

Parenting & Families Stories

Parenting & Families Stories

With an interesting slant on human societal behaviour, James Sherwood Metts offers us ‘Planet Storyland and the Words of the Few’, an implicitly written account of human evolution, history and ultimately, folly, presented from a unique viewpoint.

Spiritual Literature & Fiction

Spiritual Literature & Fiction

A fascinating snapshot of long-established practices giving way to modern views, ‘Red: Fate and Time Inseparable’ exposes traditional views on male dominance, personal appearance and parental control, leading the reader to question both customary and contemporary wisdom and accepted societal behaviour.

Coming Of Age YA Novel

New coming of age novel

“Even in our darkest moments, we mustn’t lose hope. Sometimes we need to get lost in order to truly find ourselves!”

YA Fiction About Self Harm

YA Fiction About Self Harm Book Reviews

Incredibly powerful, instantly compelling and often heart-breaking, Belko hasn’t picked an easy subject on which to write but her willingness to steer away from a prescriptive approach means she reaches her readers on a powerful emotional level.

Goods and Effects A Family Life Fiction

book-reviews genre family life fiction

Devastated by the death of her husband and sons, Hannah Mercer sells the family farm and creates a store and living quarters in a delivery truck!