Literary Fiction & Philosophy

Literary Fiction & Philosophy

It’s a novel that rightly deserves your full attention with Alsadah achieving pitch-perfect balance between narrative and style. A read that is refreshingly devoid of archetypical characters whilst creating intricate shifts in perspective which are sure to engender much consideration.

Political & Social Science book

Political & Social Science book

Bringing a lifetime’s worth of personal insights together The Ranting of an Uneducated Reactionary demands reflection yet it isn’t a taxing read as Phillips most importantly presents a broadly accessible perspective.

Must-Read Short Story Collections

Must Read Short Story Collections

Leaving us with images that linger in our thoughts Ha’s All the Rivers Flow into the Sea & Other Stories is simply superb and an unreservedly recommended five stars read!

Murder After The Matinee

Murder At The Matinee

An intriguing and intensely readable murder mystery, Murder After The Matinee is the first book in The Ashdale series by Lorna Snowden and it proves a genuine corker of a read.

Blade Lord – Best Dark Fantasy Novels

Best Dark Fantasy Novels

Decallion is the only blade lord whose soul is not tethered to one of the rulers of the Circle Kingdoms. That makes him the most valuable warrior in the realm… it also makes him the most vulnerable.

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Wake Of The Sadico

An enthralling supernatural tale that rapidly builds momentum, Wake Of Sadico delivers a persuasive sense of adventure and a clever plot with Sparkes sure not to sacrifice pace for surplus detail.