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The Deep Love Poems Of Stephan J Myers & Pixie Woodstock

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SUMMARY: A timeless collection of deep love poems for those who have loved, lost and dared to love again Thief Of Hearts is your story told countless times over. A timeless collection of love poems for those who have loved, lost and dared to love again. A poetry collection for those romantic souls who believe in unconditional love but have experienced the highs, lows and darker places love takes us.

The BookViral Review:

From gritty heart wrenching emotion to tongue-in-cheek parody, Thief of Hearts wanders expertly through verse, cleverly rhyming in one offering, whilst dabbling in other more unstructured pieces.

The exquisite Agony Of Love

An eclectic anthology of deep love poems, Myers and Woodstock include some remarkable meanders which show surprising insight. One such poem ‘Losing you’, explores the fading away of a loved one from Alzheimer’s, but reflects the exquisite agony and enduring love of the one left behind. Woodstock’s ‘Modestly Attired’ probes into the mind of the abuser, and its bitter jealousy. 

Neither does Myers shy away from the destructive side of love, with his somewhat racy ‘Feeling High’ and ‘Shame’, where he writes candidly about lust and the human failure to control it. These are deep love poems at their best. Making the exquisite connections for which we yearn and yet are far too often afraid to bare our innermost wants and needs.

Exposing Our Fears & Inadequacies

On a lighter note, Myers and Woodstock pay homage to Edgar Allen Poe’s distinctive style, Emily Bronte’s Heathcliff, and even delve back into a mythological past. Some poetry is soft and yielding, wrapping you in a fuzzy warm blanket of affection, whilst some leaves you quite frankly, completely exposed, as it burrows into fears and inadequacies.

This substantial collection of poetry examines our choices in love, the losses we were not ready for, and delves into the pain of judgement and shame; but not only how lovers hurt one another beyond measure, but also how love can heal.

Celebrating What It Means To Be Loved

Interspersed with reflections, which give food for thought and frame each poem, Thief of Hearts carries you on a journey, its ebb and flow immersing you in an emotive (and sometimes saucy) world. Bucking against a trend of two line verse, the poetry in Thief of Hearts is substantial and well thought out, delightfully descriptive and overflowing with metaphor, celebrating what it is to be human.

True Love Stories

And yet Thief Of Hearts is so much more than a collection of deep love poems because each one is the culmination of a year of connecting with true romantics across the world through the power of social media and listening to their experiences. Each one is a true story set to verse and one of them could be yours!

Beautifully written, inspirational and wholly enthralling Thief Of Hearts is unreservedly recommended.


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