"Poetry is an echo asking a shadow to dance" - Carl Sandburg

Goodbye Love Poems

Goodbye Love Poems
How Do We Say Goodbye To Someone We Love?

I never went seeking a Goodbye Love Poem when I lost the love of my life. The poem I found was quite by chance at the suggestion of a friend. When I think of goodbye love poems I am reminded that goodbye can be so many things. A brief parting with the promise of a return. The end of a stay with a good friend, but there are few goodbyes as emotional or stay as deeply entrenched in our memory as the goodbyes we say when breaking up with a significant other or the goodbyes we say on their passing.

Goodbye Love Poems To Say Goodbye To Him Or Her

Finding the right words can be heart-wrenching. Finding the words to express how we are feeling; that do justice to the warring emotions inside us and do justice to the one to which we are bidding farewell.

It is not unusual for lovers to turn to Goodbye Love Poems. They are amongst the most beautiful of love poems and there is a multitude of them to chose from. Goodbye love poems ranging from the rhythmically beautiful to the banal and perhaps somewhere in between that special verse that fully communicates how we are feeling at that pivotal moment in our lives.

Goodbye and Farewell To The One We Loved

Saying goodbye not only allows us to put words to feelings, choosing the right words defines how we remember someone and how we articulate love and heartache. They validate the relationship choices we make and preserve a particularly poignant moment in our lives. They create the groundwork for adopting a sense of closure and prepare us, albeit at a subliminal level at the time, for moving forward and being open to new and meaningful relationships.

Saying Goodbye and The Bitter Sting Of Regret

Of course, some loves are fleeting. Loves that come and go in a heated rush only to remain as the most fleeting of memories. But the loves we cherish, the ones who broke our hearts and are destined to linger in our hearts as time tramps on, well, those are the ones that we’re likely to agonize over. And when we chose the wrong words to say goodbye we may be left with the bitter taste of regret, confusion, doubt or even guilt.

Saying Goodbye To A Love That No Longer Is

We could write a letter. Take the easy way out and send a text and either might suffice but the goodbye we say when we say goodbye to a loved one for the last time should capture the depth of our relationship with them. The oneness, rhythm, and harmony that we found in each other arms and nothing can capture the essence of that like a Goodbye Love Poem.

The right Goodbye Love Poem can help us make peace with the end of a love that no longer is and that is something we all owe ourselves because the most painful of goodbyes are the ones for which we are unable to find those words that help us process them.

Goodbye Love Poetry To Help Us Heal

When it comes to saying that final goodbye to someone we love we only truly move on when we come to reconcile the good in goodbye. Sometimes it’s easier than we thought it would be. Far more often than not learning to let go is a long and torturous process and the right Goodbye Love Poem can help anchor us along the way because they are love poems that come from the heart.

The One Poem That will Keep them Ever Close

For my part, and please accept my apologies for repeating myself, I never went seeking a Goodbye Love Poem when I lost the love of my life. The poem I found was quite by chance at the suggestion of a friend. I have since read other Goodbye Love Poems but Love’s Last March by Stephan J Myers is the one I return to time and time again.

Rhythmically enthralling and conjuring powerful imagery, it’s not long and yet it helped condense and reconcile all my feelings into a few perfectly pitched stanzas, reminding me that lovers never really die if we hold them in our hearts!


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