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As parents, we know how frustrating it can be to get our children to complete their nightly routines. Aiden, a four year old chinchilla, loves to bathe, but not more than he loves to play! On this particular Monday, Aidan’s mother became fed up with chasing Aiden around to take his bath. So, she decides to let him, “have it his way”. Follow Aiden for a week as he has it “his way”. On Monday, Aiden is so happy to skip his bath in order to have more play time. Will he feel the same way by Friday? Let’s explore the days of the week as we follow Aiden on his journey.

The BookViral Review:

Stacy Mitchell uses her obvious experience in child handling in the creation of ‘Have it your way: Sometimes a little tough love is all we need’. And whilst this charming little tale-focused on a week in the life of a little Chinchilla named Aiden-is an engaging and fun read  in its own right, Stacy also uses the story to promote reflection in her young readers.

Through this book in her series ‘Have it your way’, youngsters are introduced to the concept of cleanliness, and more importantly, the impact of doing otherwise. Using amusing illustrations, we are led on Aiden’s journey of grime, and how in the end, it affects his life so badly that he is begging for a bath!

In addition, Stacy has expertly crafted her book to implicitly teach so much more. The story is structured around the days of the week, promoting their familiarity to her young audience, thus preparing them for later education. She has succinctly embedded the concepts of listening to others wiser than yourself, and that parents and carers have your best interests at heart, even if you cannot always understand how.

Added to this is my own personal favourite, rhyming verse, which encourages the understanding of words and their relationships.

Ekeoka’s hilarious  illustrations reinforce Stacy’s story, with poor little Aiden becoming more and more stressed out as he becomes dirtier, at one point laying prone and miserable in his bed even before Mum comes to tuck him in! The myriad of facial expressions of Aiden as his panic rises and Mum as she moves from exasperated, to irritated, to resigned, and then back to loving Mum, strikes a chord with exhausted parents everywhere…

A good solid and educational read, with some great lessons “Have it your way: Sometimes a little tough love is all we need!” is certainly recommended!

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