Writing the next best selling medical thriller and how to level the competition.

Writing best selling medical thrillers

Authors like Robin Cook, Michael Crichton and Tess Gerritsen have made a major contribution to our continued fascination with medical thrillers.

Medical Thrillers Goodreads

The enduring sorrow of those waiting for heart transplants is ripe for drama and Rowley grapples with provocative concepts in thoughtful terms whilst demonstrating a sure hand for staging scenes, creating strong characters and setting a tone.

Medical Thrillers – Virulence

Best Medical Thrillers

Forty-seven people are dead in California from an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease. The Center for Disease Control has not been able to locate the source. There is only one man they can turn to!

Medical Conspiracy Thrillers – Poison In The Pills

Best Medical Conspiracy Thrillers

A mysterious illness is ravaging the nation. Those suffering from the dreaded sickness are in so much pain that some victims have peeled the flesh from their bones in a desperate attempt to relieve their symptoms.