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The Best Illustrated Children's Christmas Book 2021

The Best Illustrated Childrens Christmas Book 2021

The Magic Of Childrens Illustrated Christmas Books

If there is one Christmas present that remains constant for children it’s an illustrated Christmas book and 2021 will unlikely prove an exception. Those special books that everyone seems to be reading and talking about. And every year parents around the world are faced with the dilemma of choosing the right one. So what should you consider when looking for the Best illustrated children’s Christmas Book  2021?

Take a look at the Christmas bestselling book charts and you will invariably find classics like The Snowman, The Polar Express and The Prayer and then there are the ones that have been much hyped only to disappear after their first read to finally find their way to the local charity shop.

We are in a golden age of illustrated books for children but finding that Special illustrated Children’s Book To Read at Christmas is always a little more challenging because they present parents with a unique dilemma. They want to share an enjoyable and Christmas themed read with the kids but reading Christmas books with children also presents an opportunity to instil the kind of values we all hope our children will embrace as they get older.

The Best Illustrated Children’s Christmas Book 2021

Ever popular favourites like A Chrismas Carol spring to mind. But what makes the kind of Children’s Book To Read This Christmas. Especially given the continuing impact of Covid and the prolonged period of austerity it seems we are all to face.

Perhaps the dilemma is not unique in that every year brings its challenge and perhaps this year above all others in recent memory its time for something a little special. Something that reminds us that no matter how bad things seem in the moment there are invariably people who are far worse of.

Like most parents I find myself trawling the virtual shelves for The Best Illustrated Children’s Christmas Book 2021 and already I find myself overwhelmed by the titles thrown up in searches. Most of them with a barely discernable ad sign beside them and the biased backing of major publishing houses cashing in on this yearly phenomenon.

But I keep coming back to the same things. I want my children to know how lucky they are. I want them to know Christmas is a time for celebration. To eat a little too much and enjoy the warmth of the festive spirit. And I want them to know it’s never okay to take these things for granted. It’s a big ask but that’s the Children’s Book To Read This Christmas. The one I want them to treasure and above all remember. And for this writer, there is one I keep returning to again and again. And that’s The Colour Red by Stephan J Myers. I came across it the year it was released when a friend gave it to my children for Christmas. And it left me in tears.

No longer than The Snowman by Raymond Briggs The Colour Red is a beautifully written story about Christmas in rhyming verse featuring a girl called Loss and her magical bear who is simply called Ted! And although it conjures images from Victorian times, the moral behind the tale is just as relevant today as it was over one hundred years ago with Myers carefully chosen words painting vivid pictures throughout.

Children’s Book Illustrations That Capture The Spirit Of Christmas 

Accompanied by exquisite illustrations it reminds us what Christmas is really about. There is always hope if you look for it but sometimes hope is not enough and all it takes is one simple act of kindness. Sometimes, as in The Colour Red, all it takes is for someone to stop and look outside their window to change someones life for the better!

So if you find yourself browsing the shelves looking for that special Illustrated Children’s Book To Read This Christmas consider The Colour Red. But choose The Plotters Edition with all its extras! This wonderful tale is great for adults and children, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it!


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