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A Powerful US Historical Fiction Novel By S. M. Ford

Powerful US Historical Fiction
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A powerful US Historical fiction novel Memoirs Of The Senator’s Wife is an international best selling saga of a dark romance involving a handsome politician, a forbidden love affair between the politician’s wife with a sensuous Secret Service agent, and the magic that influenced history. Set during the ’50s to the present-day; their romance spans decades of the most turbulent times in America.  

The BookViral Review:

From its powerful opening chapter to a cracking denouement, Memoirs of the Senator’s Wife proves a riveting debut in the US Historical Fiction genre that far too often suffers from a lack of originality.

The best US historical fiction novels tell stories about characters achieving something extraordinary and here Ford uses this premise to not only explore political ambition and the twisted corridors of power but the divisions and conventions of race and gender too.

With an undeniable aura of drama and suspense, Ford delivers a stylish plot that’s brimming with cliffhangers and a narrative that benefits from perpetual momentum. Marshalled around a diverse cast of vividly realised characters Ford doesn’t overplay them but cleverly manipulates our expectations with the mood further enhanced by a captivatingly vibrant blend of romantic tension and shadier erotic forays.

At times it leans towards the melancholic, but in doing it allows Ford to explore the family dynamics that surround Estella and Xavier and it’s this that gives Ford’s narrative an authentic and urgent sense of legitimacy which permeates throughout. It also injects a welcome degree of social commentary and touches upon a universal truth, that irrespective of our standing in life, colour or creed, we all have the power to make a difference to someone else’s life.

By the end of Memoirs of the Senator’s Wife, it’s hard not to feel close to Estella. Feeling that we’ve been given an inside view of her life. And on this level Fords novel is a genuinely enriching read.

A powerful US Historical Fiction page-turner  Memoirs of the Senator’s Wife has all the hallmarks of a bestseller and is highly recommended!

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