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A BookViral Review Of Home By Michael Golvach

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Alexis Woods’ violent and unpredictable brother has spent his life making sure she remained untouched by other men.But when his reckless actions ensure her imminent death, her only lifelong friend must expose his deepest secret to save her.It’s a secret that could put more than just the two of them in mortal danger and turn both their worlds into a living hell.

The BookViral Review: Genre – Paranormal Suspense

A slick, stylish and disturbing supernatural thriller, Home is the latest release from Michael Golvach that once again sees him delving into the darkest depths of the human psyche. Delivering an exacting plot and noir narrative underlined by magical realism Golvach sets out to engage our senses and does so with consummate ease. A superb example of how to manipulate readers on an emotive level Golvach’s Home veers between the haunting and brutal and when it comes to originality it doesn’t get any better. Avoiding the temptation to concoct prescriptive characters he shows us, without compromise, the depth of their conflict and the totality of their emotional angst in uncompromising prose and pin-sharp dialogue that brings Alexis, Marlon and Anson to life. On the immediate level Home might lean towards Paranormal Romance but with Golvach modulating tension and pace rapidly gathering momentum Home works well as both supernatural thriller and Paranormal suspense as he weaves illusion and reality in a way that is both cutting and clever. There’s no wanton wittering with Golvach and from the very first page, readers will find themselves settling in for a genuine page-turner.

Golvach at his very best, HOME proves an exceptional read and is recommended without reservation.

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