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More Than A Popular Book Review Site

The latest book reviews, news and literary commentary. A quick search on google for book reviews and the search results would take a month of Sundays to trawl through. The self-publishing phenomenon shows little sign of abating and for the majority of authors, the pursuit of book reviews is an essential element of their book marketing strategy. At BookViral we have been reviewing books since 2002 and when it came to the redesign of our site it was important to us that we held true to our original vision. To provide critical book reviews that readers could trust. But what is a book review and more to the point why do some reviews carry more weight than others. You might think it something of a silly question. Book reviews in their thousands are posted to the likes of Amazon on a daily basis but for a book review to influence potential readers it has to be more than a thumbs up from a happy reader. That’s why at BookViral we do so much more than simply review a book…………READ MORE

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The Portrait

A ship’s captain. A crime. A secret. What would you do to claim the position in society that has been stolen from you?

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What's Rising

When the Haboob Sings

A Provocative and engrossing read When the Haboob Sings proves a notable release for Nejoud Al-Yagout and a must-read for those readers who enjoy fiction with thought-provoking social, cultural and religious commentary.

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A novel about love, loss, bigotry and loathing it blends Zerndts distinctive flair for strong running narratives with social commentary as he frames one superb image after another in which you can clearly imagine the play of light and shadow.

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The Crimson Quill Award

Now in it’s third year the Crimson Quill Awards continue to be the main criteria our readers use when selecting their next best read.  Our reader recommended award these are the books they have enjoyed most and recommended to their friends.  All the books we review are eligible for recommendation but with strict rules in place to ensure all recommendations are authentic and a minimum of 100 nominations required you can be confident of a good read whichever one you choose. 

The Millennium Book Award

Now in its 5th year the Millennium Book Award goes from strength to strength whilst still maintaining the ethos upon which it was founded. The award celebrates and recognizes exceptional writing. Not the size of an author’s following, their social media reach or the fervour generated by a substantial marketing budget the Millennium Book Award continues to grow as a Readers Favourite and an award they can trust.

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Book Reviews That Readers Trust.

From humble beginnings in 2002 as a book review club BookViral has grown to become the first choice in book reviews for authors around the world and one of the biggest book review sites on the web. BookViral reaches millions of potential readers through best practice SEO and a trusted social media presence ensuring readers get unbiased, critical recommendations they can trust. 

BookViral also offers a full suite of author services, including, book editing services for unpublished and self-published authors, website design and bespoke SEO that help authors get discovered by more potential readers as well as industry influencers, such as publishers, agents and film executives.