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"Giordano masterfully blends historical richness with thrilling adventure"

Romance and Rebellion in Regency Nassau

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  • Publisher: ‎ Käferhaus Press (7 Jun. 2024)
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 510 pages
  • Page numbers source ISBN: ‎ B0D4ZHW8LC
  • Genre:  Historical Caribbean Fiction eBooks


The BookViral Review:

Dive into the vibrant and tumultuous world of Regency-era Nassau in Gina Giordano’s “The Island King.” This captivating novel transports readers to the early 19th-century Bahamas, where intrigue and romance swirl as fiercely as the ocean currents.

Thematically rich, impeccably crafted, and emotionally stimulating, “The Island King” proves smart and entertaining as Gina Giordano continues her sweeping Caribbean saga.  It is a novel that’s entirely aware of its genre’s conventions and transcends them as it surpasses the simplistic moralities that inform far too many genre offerings.

It’s a novel that rightly deserves your full attention with Giordano achieving a pitch-perfect balance between narrative and style. This gives us a read refreshingly devoid of archetypical characters whilst creating intricate shifts in perspective with its prevailing supernatural element.

With an impeccable eye for detail, Giordano blends historical figures like island governor and ultra-capitalist braggart Lord Dunmore and crooked privateer Hiram Bruin with fictional ones in a plot that is taut, compelling and masterfully executed with a genuine sense of authenticity. Turning her Nassau location, rendered distant by history, into an experience that, short of living through the terrible era it depicts, makes you feel as if you’ve been there.

Though “The Island King” brims with memorable characters, the novel ultimately belongs to Eliza and Charles as they navigate the treacherous waters of societal expectations and political unrest whilst discovering that the secrets they keep might be the key to their survival—or their undoing

With Eliza reeling from the death of Jean and pregnant with his child the nature of the story is such that Giordano’s plot can’t help but be obvious and quite melodramatic at times, but it’s this along with narrative shifts between present and past events combined with superb dialogue that makes it so good.

It isn’t just that Giordano convinces us that her fictional characters are realistic, they are so authentic that they feel like old friends with Chloe being the linchpin that brings Charles and Eliza’s story together.

History doesn’t just happen; it’s carved out by the rebels and trailblazers who incite change and leave the world a far better place than they found it. And although “The Island King” does not immerse us in the agony and injustice of slavery as such the relationship between Chloe and her master Charles is powerful and touching and weaved into something convincingly moving that holds the reader’s expectations until the very end.

With Giordano masterfully blending historical richness with thrilling adventure, The Island King is a must-read for fans of regency historical fiction in exotic locations. It is an unreservedly recommended Golden Quill read.

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