Children’s Christmas Books 2019

Parents and teachers are inventive in subtly encouraging young ones to adopt a mind-frame of giving at Christmas time.

Siegfried Sassoon- War Poetry.

One man who was able to size up war for everything it is was Siegfried Sassoon, who was cruelly torn from a life of leisure as a country gentleman and immersed into all the trauma of World War 1

BookViral Book Promotion Offer

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The Voice of My Mind

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The Bat A coming of age story

Coming Of Age Novel - The Bat

The most memorable supernatural stories grip us because they play to our innate fears. But far too many tropes in the genre are simply used for shock value,

Amanda Lovelace – The Princess Saves Herself In This One

From her literature, to her Instagram, and her tarot reading, Amanda Lovelace champions the woman.

The Rise In Popularity Of Religious Non-fiction Books

The religious book market and faith-based poetry continues to see year on year growth, which certainly indicates a surge of public interest in what has historically been a minority genre.

The Beginning Of Always

Powerful alliances from both Daniel and Nina’s pasts are about to rip apart the fabric of time. Dark, tragic days loom close as those plans come to fruition. Meanwhile, Nina and Daniel struggle to explore the boundaries between passion and possessiveness, duty and desire.

Ferret (The Ferret Books, 1)

A highly original and hugely entertaining YA Fantasy novel the delightfully titled Ferret proves a strong debut release for Wyatt and one that’s set to garner much interest.

Pierre Alex Jeanty – Gentlemanhood and HER

In this ungentlemanly world, the intention of Pierre Alex Jeanty seems to be to offer a refreshing collection of verses serving as a positive reflection of womanly qualities.