When Does A Fantasy Trope Become A Hated Cliche?

Readers love tropes and publishers know they sell books but there is always room for something new.

Powerless – The Soothsayer Triology

A superb conclusion to Smitley’s epic Soothsayer series Powerless proves nothing less than a masterclass in fantasy fiction, with its scope, depth of characterization and fascinating settings earning it parity with the best in its genre.

Journeys with A Tin Can Pilgrim

Airstream Travellers On The Road

Compellingly humble and refreshingly far from the pseudo catharsis offered by the majority of memoirs Rozell gives us a spiritual odyssey and a powerful reflection on the important things in life.

What’s The Best Christmas story for kids

What’s The Best Christmas story for kids

Please, please, please tell me you will be buying your little (or maybe rather larger, spotty and belligerent) person at least one book for Christmas. Why? Because they are brilliant.

Classic Illustrated Christmas Books for Children

Classic Illustrated Christmas Books For Children To Read

With wonderfully imaginative images that feel wholly authentic Myers has created a true classic for the winter season. A hypnotic melody of images and words that never fails to capture the imagination,

The Best Illustrated Children’s Christmas Book 2021

Classic Illustrated Christmas Books For Children To Read

Imagine If The Greatest Secret Ever Kept Was Hidden in A Book Of Dreams?
A Classic Children’s Book. A Book Full Of Hidden Clues. A Key To Unlock A Prize That Gets Bigger With Each Passing Day!

Black & African American Historical Fiction Reviews

Black & African American Historical Fiction

Black & African American Historical Fiction genre that not only brings social commentary into focus but entertains and encourages reflection on US History.

The Pig Wars

After inadvertently causing her father’s death with her magic in battle and now Lady Renna discovers she must fight for her life.

World War 2 Fiction Reviews

World War 2 Historical Fiction Reviews

Chrystyna Lucyk – Berger’s World War 2 Fiction presents the reader with a remarkable, tense and heart breaking story of suffering, courage and survival on both a macro and a micro level.

Elizabethan Historical Fiction Reviews

Elizabethan Historical Fiction Reviews

This is a story of family, honour, loyalty and faith. It is a story and a chronicle of treachery and betrayal and of the enduring strength of family bonds. C.J. Richardson tells an exciting and stirring tale with warmth and passion in a compelling and captivating account of the times.